Canadian Stroke Congress 2012

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Canadian Stroke Congress

Here is the latest news from the Canadian Stroke Congress 2012 in Calgary, Alberta.

Expand telestroke in all provinces to save lives, reduce disabilit
Smoking clouds the brain after stroke
Sleep apnea plays dual role in stroke
Calgary support programs help navigate life after stroke
Stroke recovery and treatment studies win top honors at Canadian Stroke Congress
Provincial effort to improve stroke care “paying off”
Calgary and Toronto centres achieve ‘Distinction’ in stroke care
Robots uncover stroke disabilities and improve care
Provincial stroke strategy improves care for rural Nova Scotia residents
Exercise improves memory, thinking after stroke
Home-based stroke therapy improves outcomes, eliminates wait times, saves money
Emergency programs get failing grade for stroke training
Post-stroke depression screening inadequate and inconsistent
‘Cafeteria diet’ hastens stroke risk
Hidden stroke impairment affects thousands

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