Hypertension Management Program

A key component of the High Blood Pressure Strategy has been the Heart&Stroke Hypertension Management Program (HMP).  The HMP transitioned to an ongoing, province wide health program in 2011, wholly funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.  At this time the Ontario Stroke Network (OSN) became the program’s leader.  

As of April 1, 2016, the Ontario Stroke Network (OSN) and Cardiac Care Network of Ontario (CCN) have come together as a single entity to ensure a comprehensive and integrated approach to cardiac, stroke and vascular care in Ontario.

The HMP is an evidence-informed chronic disease management program to improve the diagnosis, management and control of hypertension (or high blood pressure) by healthcare providers and patients, according to clinical best practice guidelines.  The HMP, and the culturally-congruent Aboriginal HMP, are designed to effectively support  healthcare providers and patients in Ontario, not just in managing their hypertension, but in preventing development of cardiovascular diseases for which hypertension is a known risk factor.

The HMP design is consistent with the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Framework.

Key elements of the HMP include professional education, practice support and extensive tool kits for healthcare providers to improve detection, management and treatment (both medication and lifestyle) and to support patient self-management.  The program involves an integrated data export of clinically relevant data from an evidence informed flowsheet, which assists healthcare providers in tracking enrolled patients’ blood pressure and lifestyle goals and monitor their progress.  Program providers are supplied with Motivational Interviewing guides and tips for counseling patients who want to make lifestyle changes.  The repository also generates confidential, comparative practice reports to aid healthcare providers in improving patient care and outcomes.

To learn more about AHMP and HMP watch the following videos:

Overview AHMP Video

Overview HMP Video

For more information on the HMP or AHMP, contact the HMP team at hmp@ccn.on.ca.

Following the completion of the April 1, 2016, merger between the Ontario Stroke Network (OSN) and Cardiac Care Network of Ontario (CCN), all Hypertension Management Program websites and materials have been moved. Please visit us at: http://ontariostrokenetwork.ca/hmp/


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