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Research shows there's a 10-year gap between how long Canadians live, and how long they live in good health. When you support the Heart&Stroke Lottery you help close this gap between living, and living with health and vitality. You enable the Foundation to continue to invest in research that will save lives, prevent disease and help those who live with heart disease and stroke to recover faster.

Every Heart&Stroke Lottery ticket funds research and programs that give Canadians the chance to pursue what matters – time with family, time to pursue passions, time to live the way they want, creating cherished memories along the way. By supporting the Heart&Stroke Lottery in your province you bring us closer to creating a future of healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke.

Heart&Stroke Daily Cash Lottery – Spring 2014 DID YOU WIN?
Heart&Stroke Daily Cash Lottery - Spring 2014 The Heart&Stroke Daily Cash Lottery
Win BIG Daily Cash prizes every day in June with ONE ticket, and support life-saving Stroke Research. You could win a $50,000 daily cash prize, $5,000 daily trip prize, bonus cash prizes, 3 Grand Prizes, and lots more cash prizes. Don't forget to add a ticket for the HUGE 50/50 Draw with a minimum JACKPOT of $1,000,000 – winner takes half.
Winners will be announced every weekday from June 2 to June 30, 2014.
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Searchable winners list available at heartandstroke.ca/lotterywinners
Customer Service: In the GTA 416-650-6211 or 1-888-513-2092
Heart&Stroke Lottery - Winter 2013/2014 DID YOU WIN?
Heart&Stroke Lottery - Winter 2013/2014 LL# 5697 50/50 LL# 5698 The Heart&Stroke Lottery!
10 Grand Prizes, including the top prize of $2 MILLION and 9 cash, car and trip grand prizes. Plus prizes worth millions more! And still the Best Odds Ever 1 in 3. New this year the 50/50 Draw with a jackpot that is over $3,330,000 &S211; winner takes half!

For Winners Information call 1-888-513-2092 (In GTA 416-650-6211) or email lottery@hsf.on.ca
For Winners Information call 1-888-513-2092 or email lottery@hsf.on.ca

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Heart&Stroke Winter 2012/13 Winners List
Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery - 2014 2014 WINNERS
Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery - 2013 Lottery Licence#:5674 The Heart&Stroke Calendar Lottery.

For just $25, you can win Daily Cash Prizes, every day of the year – all while supporting life-saving research! You could win 3x $5,000 Cash Prizes Daily, 52 Weekly Cash Prizes of $10,000, 12 Monthly Cash Prizes of $50,000 and 12 Holiday Jackpots of $12,000. On top of all this we're also offering 17,000 CA$H BACK Prizes

2014 Daily Winners' postings from Jan 3rd - Dec 2014.
Get the latest updates on Calendar Lottery Winners, healthy tips and so much more. Winners posted each weekday in 2014.

2013 Calendar Lottery Winners - Ontario