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PlaySkills - HeartSmart™ Family Activities

This program has been created to provide elementary teachers like you with a resource to use with your class, which promotes the participation in physical activity. These activities can be easily photocopied and sent home with your students so that they can enjoy them with the support and guidance of family members and friends.

Research has shown that youngsters' health can be improved by accumulating 20 - 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day. Learning the basic skills of sport and play is an important factor in children's participation in sports and physical activities. Children who are confident with their skills actively participate in sports and physical activities, while those who do not have the skills often sit on the sidelines, self-conscious of their lack of ability. This curriculum supportive program promotes active living and enables students to develop and build confidence in their skills.

Each booklet contains grade specific activity sheets that teach children the skills of running, jumping, catching and throwing. Each activity clearly demonstrates the skill and then provides a variety of fun activities that support and encourage the development of the skill. There are five separate activity sheets that can be used throughout the school year. We suggest that you review the activity sheets with your class and then send them home for the students to try and practice the skills with their family and friends. After a few weeks, your students can return their completed activity sheets and share with you their experiences.

We hope that you enjoy using this program and are excited to get started.

PlaySkills - Kindergaryen
Catch - Kindergarten
Jump - Kindergarten
Overhand throw - Kindergarten
Run - Kindergarten
Underhand throw - Kindergarten

PlaySkills - Grade One
Catch - Grade One
Jump - Grade One
Overhand throw - Grade One
Run - Grade One
Underhand throw - Grade One

PlaySkills - Grade Two
Catch - Grade Two
Jump - Grade Two
Overhand throw - Grade Two
Run - Grade Two
Underhand throw - Grade Two

PlaySkills - Grade Three
Catch - Grade Three
Jump - Grade Three
Overhand throw - Grade Three
Run - Grade Three
Underhand throw - Grade Three

Last reviewed January 2007.