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“But I don’t like fruit or vegetables…”
You know they’re good for you. And you want to eat more of them, really. Try these tips to feel more love for healthy produce. Healthy kitchen makeover
Make any kitchen a healthier place to eat with these quick, easy tips. Why you should be eating nuts
A handful just a few times a week gives your heart health a big boost. How to eat local in winter
Follow this guide to fill your plate with healthy foods from close to home. 6 ways to be a healthy host
Your guests will thank you for balancing celebration and moderation. Do low-carb diets work best?
Contrary to recent headlines, the most effective diet is one you can stick to. Make a healthy lunch to go
Pack like a pro with these tips from our dietitians. 8 simple ways to eat less sugar
These tips will help you dial down the sweet stuff without feeling deprived. The truth about juicing
It’s touted as a big health booster. But before you drink your carrots and kale, read this. Bring on barbecue season
Summer means healthy, simple dinners from the grill. Here’s how to make them great. How to cook for one
Dining solo? Here are 10 tips for treating yourself to fresh, heart-healthy meals in perfect proportions. How much do you know about the food you eat?
Think you’re a savvy eater? Take our quiz to test your nutrition knowledge. Waste less, eat better
10 easy steps to save food and money. The mega benefits of omega fats
How they help you and how to get enough The facts about gluten
Five things to consider before going gluten-free. Hit reset on your food habits
After holiday excess, make a fresh start on healthier eating with these 10 tips. Gifts for a healthier kitchen
This season, give someone’s heart health a boost. Why a flexitarian diet is good for you
Eating less meat is healthy for your heart and wallet, and the planet. How to manage comfort food cravings
You can beat stress without overindulging in sweets and fat. Tips on healthy dips
A tasty dip is great way to make the veggies go down. Here’s how to choose dips that add nutrition – not just fat and salt. Healthy snacks on the road
Quash sweet and salty cravings with these guilt-free picks. One simple eating plan to prevent disease
The ideal diet for preventing stroke, heart disease and more is essentially the same. Salty surprises
You want to cut back on salt, but are you targeting the right foods? How to avoid 7 overeating traps
Mindful eating makes food taste better, and cuts down on overeating too. 10 healthy foods you haven’t tried
Shake up your next shop by trying something new. You might just love it! 10 shortcuts to make dinner faster
A healthy weeknight supper in 30 minutes or less? It’s easy if you’re prepared. Cut calories without depriving yourself
Three smart yet simple strategies will help you eat less and still feel satisfied. Eat healthy, save money
Be kind to your heart and your bank account with these 23 tips. Healthy lessons from global cuisines
Want to cut the amount of salt and saturated fat in your diet? Try these delicious tricks from cultures around the world. Is there room for dessert?
The short answer is yes. You can enjoy your favourite indulgences and stay on the healthy side. Just keep these simple rules in mind. Eat to lower your cholesterol
Worried about cholesterol? Cutting fat and cranking up fibre can help reduce your levels. Here’s how. 10 kitchen skills every 10-year-old should know
Can your child scramble an egg or measure a cup of flour? Teach them kitchen basics you’ll be setting them on the path to healthier food choices. Check out our list. 5 rules for healthy snacking
Small tummies need extra fill-ups between meals. Here’s how to make wholesome, nutritious snack choices for your children. Fresh off the grill
Vegetables and fruit make succulent summer magic on the barbecue – and they offer a range of heart-healthy nutrients. Grill up a feast with these easy tips. Best camp lunches
Fuel up your kids for fun-filled summer days with nutritious, appealing lunch choices that stay safe in the heat. How to build a better salad
Just follow these three simple steps to create fresh, satisfying meals from summer’s best produce. Food for your brain
It’s not rocket science: Choosing healthy foods can help keep your brain in top shape. Here’s what you need to know. Help! My kids won’t eat fish
Heart-healthy fish can be a tough sell to kids – especially the picky set. Win them over with these tips for kid-smart choices and serving ideas. Five rules for smart shopping
Savvy grocery shoppers eat well because their kitchens are stocked with nutritious foods. Quite simply, treats are in short supply, and they eat less of them. That makes good sense for controlling weight and protecting heart health. 18 ways to get kids excited about healthy food
My five-year-old daughter invented a new sandwich last week: mozzarella on whole wheat pita with sliced green grapes. Delicious! Kids and fat
For children, fat is an important part of a healthy diet. But what kinds of fat, from which foods? Our registered dietitian answers parents’ questions. Spring clean your food habits
It’s spring cleaning time – the perfect occasion to commit to healthier eating. Message to Mom: Put yourself first for a change
Hey moms: If you have young children, you’d do anything to make sure they grow up healthy. But sometimes, being the best parent you can be means putting your own needs first – especially when it comes to your health. Nutrition myths – busted!
Nutrition myths are like fast food restaurants – they are everywhere, they’re hard to avoid, and they can derail your best intentions to follow a healthy, balanced diet. To mark Dietitians of Canada’s Nutrition Month, let’s skip the fast food in favour of some home-cooked truths. Fuelling active kids
For healthy children (and adults!) good eating goes hand-in-hand with being active. Whether you’re bundling up your preschooler for backyard playtime or driving your teen to the rink for Triple A hockey, you want to make sure they’re getting the healthiest food choices. Here’s what you need to know. Top 10 tips for heart-smart eating
Choosing better-for-you foods and using heart-smart cooking techniques can help you control risk factors for heart disease, such as high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure. Here are 10 ways to be good to your heart. Healthier eating, one change at a time
Want to get your family eating healthier this year? You can, by making one simple change. Here’s everything you need to know to choose your goal and get going. Healthy advice in the palm of your hand
Want to eat healthier this year? Help is as close as your laptop or mobile phone. Here are some science-based, well-tested apps and online tools that can help you kick start a healthier year. And they’re all free! SMART holiday eating
If you make healthy choices most days, you can afford a bit of indulgence around the holidays. Just beware of the extended season of temptations – say if yours starts on Halloween and continues until every candy cane, potato latke and sugar cookie is finished after New Year’s. How to beat the binge-fest
With the holidays (and presents!) around the corner, your children are probably filled with excitement. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate with family, but that doesn’t have to mean tossing out your gang’s healthy lifestyle habits. Here’s how to make it a happy AND healthy season.
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