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Funded Researchers

Read about how our funded researchers are changing the face of heart disease and stroke.

Profiles of researchers

Foundation-funded research team identifies a potential key predictor of coronary artery disease

Foundation research keeps my Dad alive

Insomnia could up blood pressure, Foundation research finds

Why aren’t more children walking or biking to school, Foundation researchers ask

Young women with heart attacks fare worse than men. Foundation researcher wants to know why

Foundation researcher studies sudden cardiac arrest in First Nations people

Foundation researcher studies how diabetes affects the heart

Grapefruit compound may lower heart disease risks, Foundation research finds 

Foundation researcher examines stroke risk in new immigrants

Research blossoms under this doctor’s care

Foundation studies extreme blood pressure in people with spinal cord injury

Lowering salt intake and reducing blood pressure aim of Foundation researcher

Foundation researcher studies the fat truth about obesity

Dr. Brian McCrindle

Foundation researches how to limit stroke damage, reduce blood pressure

Foundation studies internet tool to support heart failure patients

Foundation studies if hotline can cut stroke rates in Alberta

Home-based stroke rehab beneficial, Foundation study shows

Foundation study evaluates stroke prevention after TIA

Foundation studies whether school program can reduce healthcare costs due to obesity

Growing new blood vessels may reverse heart disease, Foundation research shows

Does the child fitness tax credit encourage physical activity? Foundation researcher wants to know

Foundation researcher hopes to reverse Canada’s obesity trend

McDonald Scholarship researcher looks at stroke-triggering heart condition

A new Foundation fund allows researchers to follow their hunches

Foundation scholar wants to stop brain damage during stroke

Foundation study explores women’s rare blood pressure condition

Foundation study aims to improve women’s physical activity after cardiac rehab

Foundation studies First Nations’ food choices to improve heart health

Sitting too much linked to sleep apnea, Foundation researcher finds

Foundation researcher wants to prove that patients with defibrillators can safely drive

Physical activity boosts brain function in older women, Foundation researcher finds

Foundation study shows poorer heart patients at risk from other diseases

Foundation researchers investigate underlying causes of childhood obesity