Heart-healthy eating guide for your family

Heart-healthy eating guide for your familyHealthy food choices are important for your – and your children’s – overall health. Like most parents, you are trying to juggle many things at once. Convincing your children to eat healthy foods every day is only one of them. Healthy eating is about balance. It’s making smart decisions to help your family eat healthy most of the time. The Heart and Stroke Foundation has created this booklet of simple tips and tools for busy parents. Use it to plan your meals and make healthy choices with your children. 

A healthy and balanced diet will give your children the energy to be active all day, every day.

Children form habits at an early age. If your children see that healthy eating and physical activity are priorities in your life, they are also likely to live a lifetime of good health. We hope you enjoy this booklet and encourage you to keep it handy for everyone to use.

The booklet is written by the Heart and Stroke Foundation dietitians. It includes:

  • A helpful meal planner
  • Mix and match food group chart
  • Kid-friendly recipes

Click here to download the brochure (PDF, 323KB)

Call 1-888-HSF-INFO (1-888-473-4636) for a free copy of this publication. You may also ask for health information on healthy living, stroke and heart disease, or how you can offer support in your community.

Last modified: May 2012
Last reviewed: September 2011