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Volunteer FAQs

Q:  How many Foundation volunteers are there in Ontario?
  • Provincial volunteers - Board & Board Committee members
  • Regional leadership volunteers – Chapter Council members
  • Regional support volunteers - committee members, project teams, office support, and
  • all of the February door-to-door campaign volunteers.

Q:  What do volunteers do?
A: Working in partnership with Foundation staff at the local, regional and provincial levels, HSFO volunteers take on important roles that help to further the Foundation’s mandate. They engage in activities that range from overall strategic management of the Foundation’s business, to the delivery of fund raising, education, and volunteer development programs & events in communities across Ontario.

Q:  How do volunteers learn about HSFO opportunities?

A: Email and please specify your interest in volunteering, your experience and background (a resume is appreciated) and your place of residence in Ontario.

Q: How does someone become a leadership volunteer on a Chapter Council or Foundation Board?
A: To ensure we have the right blend of leadership skill and experience to provide organizational stewardship (provincially) and to support program and event delivery (regionally), a ‘succession planning’ process is initiated within our provincial and chapter volunteer structures annually.

The succession planning process typically begins in the early spring in preparation for the next fiscal year. This process of annually assessing Foundation leadership requirements and volunteer interest/expertise ensures we continue to build and maintain strong, effective teams to drive Foundation business.

Heart Month Volunteer FAQs