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Fruit juice is going down the drain
The Heart and Stroke Foundation applauds Health Canada’s intention to strengthen nutrition messages. CP commits $3 million to move cardiac research forward
New visionary partnership largest in the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s history. Heart and Stroke Foundation applauds Ontario’s 2015 Budget

Heartened by ongoing focus to help Ontarians make healthier choices and become smoke free.

Foundation research is at the core of the race to save lives
Foundation invests close to $34 million this year in research across Canada. Big challenges lie ahead for Canadians’ heart health despite decades of research advances
Heart disease touches more than one in two Canadians and new obstacles loom on the horizon, according to 2015 Report on the Health of Canadians. Foundation applauds Government of Ontario’s decisive action to protect health of Ontarians
Legislation shows commitment to reducing obesity and smoking rates. Historic 102 “Go Healthy”
Thanks to dedicated and passionate voters, 102 of our province’s Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) are “Healthy Candidates.” Foundation urges candidates to commit to a healthier Ontario
What do a Conservative, NDP, Liberal and Green candidate have in common? They're all Healthy Candidates. Heart and Stroke Foundation congratulates all Ontario MPPs
Working together to pass the Family Caregivers Bill. New Foundation research chair to focus on heart disease in children
SickKids researcher Dr. Seema Mital working to improve outcomes for children with congenital heart defects. Cardiac rehab programs benefit brain as much as heart
Study finds exercise boosts blood flow to brain regions responsible for movement, cognition. Can telerehabilitation improve recovery after stroke?
Seven studies explore high-tech approaches that could fill gaps and expand access to services in Canada Heart and Stroke Foundation applauds investments in Canadians’ health
2014 Federal Budget includes cost-saving measures for charity lotteries and an increase in tobacco taxes. More Canadians survive heart attacks and stroke, but not enough maintain healthy change
Heart and Stroke Foundation 2014 Report on the Health of Canadians shows that although some survivors are making healthy changes, many need more support to thrive to the fullest. First AED installed to launch life-saving initiative
Heart and Stroke Foundation and federal government install first automated external defibrillator as part of new program to equip arenas across Canada. Big Tobacco’s ‘candy’ gets crushed; Heart and Stroke Foundation applauds
New measures to protect Ontario’s youth from the deadly effects of tobacco will further reduce smoking rates across the province $16 million investment in first of its kind Canadian chronic disease research project
The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and the Heart and Stroke Foundation are pleased to announce a $16 million investment in a first of its kind partnership between the cancer and cardiovascular research communities that will strengthen our understanding of chronic disease. Leading Canadian health organizations release a Vascular Declaration calling for urgent action on vascular disease
Collective action needed to reduce the growing burden of vascular disease. Health professionals learn to master the art of persuasion and improve the health of Canadians with secrets from the world of advertising
Broadcast personality and award-winning adman looks at how advertising can influence people to pay better attention to their health and break unhealthy habits. Telestroke has a bigger role to play in stroke care delivery
Technology is not being used to its full potential to improve care for stroke patients. HSF calls for quick action in passing new comprehensive smoke-free bylaws in Toronto
The Heart and Stroke Foundation applauds the Medical Officer of Health’s recommendation to make outdoor public spaces smoke-free and encourages the speedy passage and implementation of these bylaws. New kit teaches parents how to save a baby’s life
The Heart and Stroke Foundation has launched the bilingual Infant CPR Anytime® personal learning kit to teach parents, families and friends how to use infant CPR to save a baby from choking or cardiac arrest. New national recommendations expand the concept of stroke rehabilitation
Stroke rehabilitation takes place in various settings with multiple providers and caregivers. There is life after stroke, Foundation report emphasizes

More Canadians are surviving strokes due to advances in awareness and medical services but a new report by the Heart and Stroke Foundation reveals that more than one-third of Canadians mistakenly believe that the recovery period is limited to a few months.

Leading Canadian health charities urge renewed federal government leadership on non-communicable diseases
Every year more than 150,000 Canadians die from four major non-communicable diseases (NCDs): cancer, heart disease and stroke, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases.
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